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There’s an increasingly circulated anecdote (usually among graphic designers) about a big-time representative from a big-time tech company meeting before a middle school class. He asks the students, presumably born in the early 2000s, if they know what a floppy disk is. He's met with silence. Then, he produces a floppy disk from his sport coat pocket and shows it to them. “This is a floppy disk,” he says, turning it over in his hands to show them. “Now, have any of you seen one of these before?” After a few more beats of silence, a child raises her hand to say that she recognizes the object as the icon she clicks on to save her progress on Microsoft office. A few seconds later, another child raises his hand because he’s seen it on his Angry Birds game. A wave of recognition floods the classroom as the children place a function and a purpose to a tangible object they’re encountering for the very first time. 

Prostate cancer represents about 27% of all cancers in men, and is the second deadliest form of cancer. Last year, an estimated 26,000 men died of prostate cancer. 

The American Cancer Society’s estimates for prostate cancer in the United States for 2017 include: