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by David Kliff - The Diabetic Investor

Insulin pump therapy has long been recognized as one of the most effective therapy options for both Type 1 and intensively managed Type 2 patients. There are hundreds if not thousands of studies that have shown how the use of an insulin pump improves patient outcomes. Over the years insulin pumps have made some substantial leaps in terms of usability features and benefits. While more complex than multiple daily injection (MDI) therapy, insulin pump therapy has also become more patients and physician friendly.

by Randox Laboratories Ltd.


Multiplex assay for 10 sexually transmitted infections receives CE marking

CE marking has been granted to one of the most comprehensive cartridge-based STI tests.

The test, developed by the UK’s largest health diagnostics company, Randox Laboratories, tests simultaneously for 10 of the most common sexually transmitted infections, on the firm’s patented Biochip Technology.