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by David Kliff - The Diabetic Investor

Diabetes management has changed dramatically with each new technological innovation. It wasn’t that long ago when knowing a patient’s glucose level was basically guess work. Yes there were tools to measure glucose, however these tools were difficult to use and highly inaccurate. This all changed with the invention of blood glucose monitors which measured glucose using a drop of blood.  Although the process wasn’t perfect; for the first-time patients were able to accurately measure their glucose levels on a regular.


In a changing medical landscape, physicians willing to invest in their practices are the ones who'll succeed. Though evolving technology and its subsequent improvements in patient care have brought substantial changes to the medical sector, an era of economic uncertainty and fiscal instability may wring just as prescient an effect. According to an article by Ben Brown, MD, reductions in Medicare contract payments (some as much as 21.3%) and physician reimbursements from insurers might result in critical decreases in physician salaries, medical profits and general revenue for a practice. What proves even more concerning for physicians and patients alike, is a present medical landscape of high healthcare costs, an ever-increasing need for healthcare options and diminishing resources. Furthermore, caring physicians want to be effective providers for their patients, but they also want the appreciation and financial compensation for their profession demands.


By now, physicians may have an idea of what’s to come this flu season, based on how the flu season has already played out in other parts of the world. In previous years, however, despite forewarnings, the United States and European countries are sometimes caught off guard with a “Perfect Storm” of challenges for the influenza season. Physician offices should be stocking up on flu tests and other supplies in preparation for this year’s flu season. What do they need to know before they choose a flu test?